About Us

Saba Drugstore has been established since 2008 by Dr. Shadi Dayani as one of the largest private-sector drugstores of Iran with a vast selling area of 850 sq. meter.
From the beginning, Saba considered all aspects of human’s health and wellness and as this point of view, Saba has been provided all related products to human’s health and beauty. We are ready to serve our customers by providing drugs and medicine, hygiene, skin and hair care products, make-ups and perfumes.
As a private-sector drugstore, we are always obligated to honesty and integrity as we believe in:

“Success Will Come and Go, But Integrity Is Forever”

As per such attitude (or as other characteristics), Saba was always at the attention of the government and also Ministry of Health of Iran as well as its customers.
Since 2014, as a very first private-sector drugstore, Saba were honorably trusted by receiving the license of selling and distribution of oncology and special drugs which was exclusively distributed at the governmental pharmacies before.